About That New Arrested Developement Season

On Sunday, this weekend’s New Yorker Festival broke a piece of semi-awesome TV news. During a panel featuring the first reunion of the Arrested Development cast since the show’s 2005 cancellation, creator Mitch Hurwitz said that the series would return to television for a nine or ten episode run, to be released sometime in 2013 as a lead-in to the very highly-anticipated movie. That of course sent the Internet on full blow-up mode as Twitter and blogs exploded with the news.

As Hurwitz told the Times after the announcement: “[I] found that as time went by, there was so much more to the story.”  In other words, there was more money to be made, now that the show’s popularity has tripled in absentia.

Dave Itzkoff reports that the new season will be composed of 9-10 “where are they now” episodes, providing context for the film and some outlets have even begun speculating what the best television station to air the show should be (probably best as a web-only series like Dr. Horrible).

But here’s the problem: “Hurwitz said he HOPES this will happens and that he’s ‘80% sure.’ He went on to talk about how many different businesses have a stake in Arrested and that creating a series of television shows that lead into a movie is a pretty new idea, so it might not be so easy,” reports Whitney Jefferson, who was in attendance at the panel.

That’s a lot of doubt for people to be reporting this as a done deal. Just to be sure, I’m not saying this won’t happen, but when the creator of the show say he hopes there’s an 80% chance to make this happen, well, that’s called hedging your bets big time.

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