Battlestar Galactica Puppets for Sale

io9 reader Brian Hogg has crafted some awesome BSG puppets, in the vein of the Muppets. Now is your chance to recreate the dynamic space opera with puppets! You shoot it, we’ll post it. The puppets are priced at $500.00 each on ebay, which might be a bit spendy, but if I had the dough, I would gladly spend a few thousand dollars to have Colonel Tigh.  Aside from Tigh, he’s made a Cylon and a Chief Tyrol, who unwittingly looks a bit Hispanic.

Puppet Tigh, on the right, looks like he would fit in snuggly with Statler and Waldorf, doesn’t he?

There’s no indication he’ll be making other characters from the series, but I would imagine the demand for say, Starbuck, Apollo, Admiral Adama, Six and Boomer would be off the charts. Me? I want a Baltar puppet.  And yes, I would watch the hell out of a BSG puppet recreation.

Also: SyFy has recently launched a BSG MMOG.

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