Bourdain Writing for HBO’s Treme

Anthony Bourdain has been writing the restaurant scenes for season two of HBO’s Treme. Which is sort of fascinating, in and of itself; as in, hey!, Bourdain’s writing for a tv show, kind of way.

But what really piqued my interest was that GQ’s Alan Richman, who in November 2006 notoriously ripped New Orleans restaurants as they were attempting to rebound from Hurricane Katrina, has filmed a cameo for “Treme.” And Anthony Bourdain wrote his scenes

In his latest book, Bourdain makes it clear in no uncertain terms that he thinks Alan Richman is a “cunt.” One of the worst people in the world for what he did to New Orleans. How this plays out on the show should be worth watching. It’ll obviously be based upon Richman’s own trip to New Orleans for his infamous article, but it will be colored with the bile and bias that Bourdain holds for him.

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