Community Does “Pulp Fiction”

If you don’t think I’m insanely excited at the thought of Community’s March 24 homage to the Tarantino classic Pulp Fiction, then you don’t understand my affinity for both of those cultural products. The NBC sitcom is perhaps, not only the best sitcom on television, but also the best show. Period.

Zap2It has the first photo stills from the episode, which features Jeff (Joel McHale) attempting to throw a surprise birthday party for Abed, who usually knows everything that is going on at Greendale.

On a related note, show-creator Dan Harmon hinted there will be a sequel to the much-beloved paint ball episode, also known as one of the finest sitcom episodes every produced in the medium’s history.

And yes, the thought of seeing Chevy Chase’s Pierce dressed up like the Gimp has us a little more than nervous about the potential insanity of the episode.

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