Community’s Abed on Cougar Town

So in turns out that when Abed was talking to Jeff Winger about going to Hollywood and acting on an episode of “Cougar Town” wasn’t exactly a lie.

There’s some serious love between these two shows, and it’s going to kill me to figure out this joint universe works now. Basically, what this cameo from Abed means is that “Cougar Town” is actually a show in the “Community” universe.

In one of the last episode’s of “Community,” actress Busy Phillips and actor Dan Byrd were seen in the background. That seems to imply that it wouldn’t have been their Cougar Town characters guesting in a crossover, but the actual actor/actress. Not to overthink it.

Cougar Town is a fairly funny show, even if it’s one I don’t watch on a regular basis. You’ve got to appreciate a show that really goes for their network mandated product endorsements.

[via nerdist]

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