Considering “Men of a Certain Age”

Given that there is nothing on television, things are so dire that I broke down and watched the first episode of Men of a Certain Age — that show with the triple headed hydra of the dude from Everybody Loves Raymond, the guy from Quantum Leap and the badass from Homicide.

Anyway, it doesn’t look like a very good show, but people love it. I though the first episode was okay. Good enough to consider watching episode two, not that good that I feel compelled to watch it though.

But. Matt Zoeller Seitz goes to bat for the show, so maybe I should just stick with it.

“If you’d told me 10 years ago that the star of “Everybody Loves Raymond” would be the driving force behind a smart, poignant, laugh-track-free, beguilingly adult comedy-drama, I might have scrunched up my face like Gary Coleman on “Diff’rent Strokes” and asked, “Watchoo talkin’ ‘bout?” But here we are in 2011 with Romano’s’ TNT series “Men of a Certain Age” in its second season, building on an already formidable skill set to become a show worth recapping each week,” Seitz writes.

There you go. Seitz has a track record that is nonpareil.

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