Downton Abbey Returns in September … Yay!

Only in the UK however, boo (or for those that are comfortable torrenting it)!  The season will include eight episodes as well as a two-hour Christmas episode.

The first episode will open not with a witty but icy quip from the peerless Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham, played by Maggie Smith, but with the massive explosion of a shell in the battle of the Somme, where the heir to Downton, Matthew Crawley (played by Dan Stevens), is fighting. The drama’s producers hope that the darker wartime storylines, and the aristocratic ensemble dressing down in the “we’re all in it together” clothing of wartime, will not deter the fans.

The US premiere on PBS isn’t until January 8, 2012.  Downton Abbey was one of those weirdly addicting shows that I don’t normally jive too. But Lady Oyster is into the Jane Austen-esque period British drama pieces and so I’ve been getting into them and Downton Abbey is just superb television.

Can’t wait to see how the show addresses the opening of World War I, which just broke out at the end of the first series.

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