Downton Abbey Will Probably Be Three Seasons

If you’re not watching Downton Abbey you should! It’s only in the second season and since each season is six episodes, it will be a snap to catch up. There’s already a “Christmas Special” scheduled to air shortly after season two finishes up. And now word comes from show-creator Julian Fellowes that there will be a third season.

“I would like to think that we will be back next year,” said Fellowes hesitantly, before admitting that he always had three parts planned for Downton… “The original concept in my optimistic head was for the first series to start towards the end of the Edwardian era, the second to be set during World War One and the third in the 1920s. In the 20s there are big changes, new inventions, different expectations I can’t wait to explore.”

Great news. [via vulture]

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