First look at New Starz Show “Camelot”

There are no illusions to be had, no wondering if the new Starz show “Camelot” will be great, or important, or even (by literary standards) an close adaptation. No, we expect nothing of that from a Starz original show. What we want is something trashy, illicit, provocative, tantalizing. We want a story that plies on the basest of our human emotions, that titillates with blood and nudity and violence all painted in broadstrokes.

And by judging this first look at the show, that’s exactly what they are giving us. Still, it’s a bit weird to see Joseph Fiennes, Claire Forlani and Eva Green parading around with the generic c-grade actors/actresses. Those three certainly lend a bit of heft and credibility to these proceedings and make me intrigued that this could be slightly better than the guilty pleasure I’m expecting it to be.

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