First Look at Nickelodeon’s Revamped “Voltron” Series

It’s easy to feign outrage over reboots, re-imaginings, sequels and the like. But no one honestly cares if the movie or television show is good. For boys in the 80s, Voltron was one of those shows that inspired an undying love affair. After all, who the hell couldn’t get excited at the thought of robotic lions transforming into an even bigger robot — an invincible guardian of the universe — who wielding a laser sword. It was enough to nerd out over.

As so, Nickelodeon is bringing the show back for a generation who grew up with the classic cartoon and that generation’s young children. And while most people would arguably upset with this development, the first look at the five lions leaves me feeling optimistic that Nickelodeon is going to give a new generation something to go ape shit over.

The first images were released on the Voltron Facebook Page and they’re looking pretty great. Bonus points for not changing the aesthetic too much, while also going with the more anime look that is in vogue today. It’s also a cartoon that doesn’t have the fake veneer of CGI, so that’s a double bonus.

In the new iteration, the five characters are all back as the main focus, though there will be new pilot cadets. And unlike previous attempts to change up the formula (vehicle Voltron, the much-maligned 1998 CGI turdfest), this one seems to hew close to the original.  Take the leap to see the other four lions. Love that they all have what feels like a unique personality. 


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