Fox’s 8-Day Delay on Hulu Triggers Piracy Surge

This is the least surprising news, but still worth mentioning. According to TorrentFreak: “It’s been a week since Fox stopped offering free access to its TV-shows the day after they air on television. The TV-studio took this drastic step in the hope of getting more people to watch their shows live and thus make more revenue. TV-viewers, however, are outraged by the decision and have massively turned to pirated sources to watch their favorite shows.”

To slant this as outrage is a bit of hyperbole. It’s just unfortunate that people want to watch their shows immediately online through legal means, which the networks make impossible, and it’s easier to just torrent them than it is to wait eight days. If these shows were on Hulu immediately following their broadcast, people wouldn’t pirate them.

Some shows were illegally downloaded upwards of 189% increase in some cases.

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