“Game of Thrones” Relationship Map

This is something I probably needed before the HBO show began just to keep everything straight, even though it’s not overtly complicated. But you sort of get thrown into this world and have to make haste of things on your own pretty quickly (which is actually one of the things I love about the show as a viewer).

According to Slashfilm: “Magda Maslowska of HauteSlides has created an incredibly in-depth infographic detailing all of the interpersonal relationships on the show. One look will almost make your head explode. A huge thanks to HauteSlides for this awesome work with a heads up from the I Love Charts Tumblr. Maslowska says she has tried to avoid any future spoilers in this chart so feel free to check it out and try and get your head around it.”

You’ll want to click the image to look at the infographic in a larger, more readable size. There’s also a great geographical map of the Westeros kingdom, just to give you an idea of the layout of the land.

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