HBO Picks Up Aaron Sorkin’s New Show

Aaron Sorkin’s return to television will be with HBO, according to Dealine.  Sorkin, who’s a front-runner to win the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar, has been given the pilot greenlight for his behind-the-scenes of network news show, tentatively titled More as the Story Develops.

It’s not the best working title, actually it kind of sucks, but Sorkin has become the master of the behind-the-scenes conceit, with three shows in the genre under his belt.  Obviously, no one can doubt the impact or success that The West Wing had, but both SportsNight and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip were excellent shows, canceled long before either deserved to be.

And now Sorkin has landed his talents at HBO, a network that seems to be a perfect match.  It’s also the perfect time for a show about the nightly news — as it becomes more and more of a joke and less relevant in the eyes of many.  Still, there are many smart and talented and dedicated and passionate people trying to put the best product they can out there every day.

“In his research for the show, Sorkin spent time  at Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews’ MSNBC shows as well as at Fox News Channel and CNN programs, but the TV personalities he shadowed are not expected to be  part of the HBO show,” writes Nellie Andreeva.  “That includes Olbermann, who, despite Internet speculation, is not involved in the project.”

I don’t believe I’m the only person who thinks this show can’t arrive fast enough.

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