“He worried that online video would train a generation of people to expect entertainment for free with advertising.”

If you’re not worried about the future of Hulu after reading this WSJ article, then you probably don’t care about the business of television, living your life without a cable subscription service, or how Hulu — which is pretty awesome for watching online tv — seems to succeed in spite itself.  It’s not a pretty picture.

Also, I’m not sure when “free with advertisements” became the same thing as free. But the Hulu executive, Chase Carey, who belongs to the quote above, seems to think that Hulu should show advertisements and charge a subscription fee to access their content.  But if you have advertisements your content isn’t free, it’s being subsidized. If you have charge a subscription, you shouldn’t display ads. To me, it’s either or.  It would be akin to paying $20 a month for HBO and then having commercials during True Blood or Boardwalk Empire.

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