How States Got Their Shapes

The History Channel is rolling out a new geography-based show, How the States Got Their Shapes, that looks at the strangeness of the U.S. map.

The new one-hour series will follow former Daily Show correspondent Brian Unger as he criss-crosses the country reporting on the tales behind the boundaries. Think: Why does Montana look like it took a bite out of Idaho? Or how are flying fish threatening to re-draw the lines of Illinois?

Staying true to the network’s roots, albeit in a broadly-appealing, Dubuc-like manner, Statesis designed to explore how the nation’s borders evolved in response to religion, politics and culture clashes. In a bid to engage potential viewers still more, the series will feature interactive elements that allow audience members to answer multiple choice challenges through text messages.

This is actually a pretty cool concept for a history show. Much better than aliens from the future or whatever the shit was the channel has been showing in recent years.

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