Imagining Freaks & Geeks Season Two

Over at Splitsider, Joshua Kurp hypothesizes as to what may have happened if there had been a second season of the much beloved Freaks & Geeks:

Last time we saw her [Lindsay Weir]: Getting onto a bus to become a Deadhead

Season two: You know it, I know it. She’s either coming back pregnant, or, more likely, with a new boyfriend. For as much as Lindsay didn’t want to admit it, she liked the attention of Nick and, especially, Daniel. She’ll also return not as a rebel, but apologetic for leaving, realizing that the Dead’s music isn’t worth leaving your old life behind for. She gets her life back on track, goes to a good school in California, and only talks to her family. Twenty-five years later, in the show’s flash-forward finale, she finds Daniel on Wikipedia, and edits his entry to say, “Was once in Track Three.” The show ends there.

Is there anybody that doesn’t miss this show?  I mean, if you have watched it and really, really, really, liked it.  Like, loved it?

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