J.J. Abrams Returning to TV with “Alcatraz”

“Lost” co-creator, and some would argue television god, J.J. Abrams has yet another show coming to tv because Fox has picked up his “Alcatraz.”

Here’s a pretty thorough guide to the show from I09, and basically, “‘Alcatraz’ will focus on a group of guards, convicts and workers who disappear from the prison without a trace in the 1960’s, only to re-appear in the present day.”

This would be greeted more excitedly if FOX hadn’t just cancelled everything on their roster except for Fringe, American Idol and Sunday football. Meaning, we know this thing will get axed if it doesn’t do well right out of the gate.

Also? Abrams’ last show for NBC, Undercovers wasn’t that great.

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