Johnny Depp Really Hates Ricky Gervais

Warwick Davis introduces his pal Johnny Depp to Ricky Gervais and Stephen Marchant in a preview clip from Life’s Too Short. This is pretty spectacular in every way, but mostly because Depp nails the sort of version of himself most normal people imagine him to be and Gervais has really hit a stride as the inside-outsider in Hollywood. Everyone loves Gervais in real life, but he’s managed to create a character of himself where nobody actually does.

That’s pretty brilliant, imho.

What’s also brilliant is the Helena Bonham-Carter starring in a Tim Burton movie joke. The Tim Allen joke at the end is the obvious punchline, and written for maximum laughs, but for my taste, the joke about Bonham-Carter is subtler and way more delicious. [via @openculture]

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