Law & Order: SVU Valentines

If only I could be in second grade again and give that special someone a valentine which reads “In the criminal justice system you’re criminally gorgeous.”  Brandon Bird has created a new series of mini-valentines that are essentially tiny versions of his long running series of Law & Order: SVU Valentines.  You can buy all 12 cards for $20 or individually for $3.  If you have a kid in school and need some Valentine cards, why not confuse the ever living shit out of another kid’s parents by sending some Stabler, Benson, Munch or Ice-T their way.

On another note: I’m totally going to be the worst parent in the world, because every bad decision I make to screw up my kid’s life and alienate myself from other parents will hinge on the logic of, “well wouldn’t it be funny if…”  [via laughingsquid]

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