Locke & Key Trailer

This trailer is awesome and could have really been some original television, alas it’s not to be. Fox decided against picking up the show, which was based upon a Joe Hill comic book.

Vulture notes: “The pilot still played at Comic-Con, to the delight but eventual dismay of fans of serialized ghost stories, and now the trailer for the would-be series has leaked. And of course, it’s great. Ah, what could have been. Locke follows the Locke family, who, following a tragedy, moves back to their gigantic, ominous ancestral house, where the youngest kid discovers he can travel to a world in which he’s a ghost. The trailer hits notes from The Shining (a little kid!) and The Ring (girl in a well!), but still feels particular to itself, not to mention enticing.”

Fox was apparently worried about the show’s long term viability as a series. Which is a terrible way to think about it. [via collider]

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