Michael Emerson Teams Up with JJ Abrams for a New CBS Show

As played by Michael Emerson, the character of Benjamin Linus on Lost, may be one of the show’s last legacies. Long after the convoluted plot threads have been dissected to death, long after we tire of debating Jack vs. Sawyer or Juliet vs. Kate, years removed from the realization that the show made absolutely no sense, there will always be Benjamin Linus — a character infused with the skill of survival, a manipulative and petty man, both hero and villain alike.  Benjamin Linus would not have been possible without Michael Emerson. And Lost would not nearly have been as addictive without him.

And now, Emerson is joining the CBS pilot Person of Interest, which J.J. Abrams is executive producing. And to top that off, Jonathan Nolan, the writer behind movies like The Dark Knight, Memento, Inception, basically everything Christopher Nolan has been involved with, also had a hand in creating the one-hour crime drama.

Emerson will play a billionaire who works to stop violent crime along with an ex-CIA agent. It sounds very-CBS-ish, which, ugh. Right? But my gut tells me to trust Abrams, Emerson and Nolan until proven wrong.  [via THR]

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