Preview of Treme Season Two

Frankly, HBO’s David Simon-helmed New Orleans show, Treme, was a colossal disappointment. It was so uneven; the drama and story lines hardly made you want to come back for a visit. Which is baffling, frankly.  How can a show about the aftermath of America’s greatest natural/government disaster, from the creator of The Wire, with a stellar cast revolving around musicians, professors, chefs and a lawyer be so bland?  I made it through 3/4 of the season and only finished it out of a sense of obligation and because there was nothing better on.

And now we have Season Two, which begins in April.  This preview features lots of trumpets, and cooking.  And. Not. Much. Else.  If this is supposed to get me on board to watch season two, then HBO and David Simon are in trouble.  [via AVClub]

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