Remote Controls Getting a Netflix Button

This is huge, huge, for Netflix: “The movie-rental company has struck deals with makers of TVs and DVD players to put a one-click “Netflix” button on remotes starting this spring, Netflix said Tuesday. Such a button would make it easier for people to go straight to their Netflix account, rather than clicking through other menus, which take time and could potentially distract the viewer.  “We’ve always regarded ubiquity on devices as our strategy, and we want to be present there as simply and visibly as possible,” said Netflix spokesman Steve Swasey in an interview with Digits.”

Netflix is so far ahead of their competitors, in terms of strategy and laying market foundations.  If you’re remote control has a Netflix button on it, you think consumers will use any other streaming service?

Also: When USA Today has a cover story about cutting the cable cord, that’s pretty much a death sentence, right?

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