Ricky Gervais and Will Arnett Stopping By “The Office” Finale

The news that Ricky Gervais will once again stop by Dunder Mifflin as David Brent isn’t such a surprise, but the news that Will Arnett will be is.

And if you could pick anyone to replace Steve Carell, certainly Will Arnett would be in the top three of anyone’s fantasy draft. Though everyone is mum on what Arnett’s role will be, let the speculation begin. Arnett mines the same dumb-guy-braggart territory as Carell. But whereas Carell brings a gentle sweetness to his role as Michael Scott, Arnett has always played the lovable loser, the person who just doesn’t get it.

Even if he were playing a quasi-version of his character GOB from Arrested Development, that could be the one move to get me interested in the show again.

Fingers crossed and all that.

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