Showtime Pulls Netflix Offerings

From the AV Club: “The network’s current deal with the growing video monolith ends this summer, and while renegotiating its contract, Showtime quietly lowered the boom by saying thatNetflix would no longer be able to stream its current original series. The revised terms don’t extend to past shows like The Tudors or Sleeper Cell, which no longer have new episodes airing, but Showtime is making the push to ensure that anyone who wants to revel in the bad behavior of David Duchovny, Michael C. Hall, or any of the other morally gray stars of its current lineup—including Jeremy Irons’ horny pope in the upcoming The Borgias—will have to buy a Showtime subscription for the privilege.”

I’ve really grown fond of many Showtime shows, but I wish they, and HBO, would realize that people would be a small price to be able to stream their original content online-only. I don’t care about their movie offerings, but if they had a deal where for $5/month I could access their originals online I would consider that $10/month a worth investment. Not everyone wants to pay $20/month to a cable provider just to watch a few shows a few times per year.

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