Starting the Party with Community’s Magnitude

NBC’s Community has a minor character named Magnitude — which, because this is Community, turns out to be a nickname for his self-bestowed nickname Magnetic Attitude. He speaks in just the single catchphrase “Pop Pop!” Oddly, even though he’s only appeared on the show a few times, both the character and the phrase have become instant fan favorites.

The Wrap’s John Sellers has written a history of Magnitude where show creator Dan Harmon, actor Luke Youngblood and staff writer/character creator Adam Countee discuss the character at length. Fairly amazing for a guy that’s only been in a few scenes.

Harmon: At some point, we had to give Magnitude a birthdate. And someone decided that he was 16 years old. We were like, “That’s hilarious.” He’s, like, some kind of weird prodigy. There is also a deleted couplet from the election episode. Magnitude is up there talking, and the dean applauds his bold urban flavor. And in response to that, Shirley, in the audience, says, “Bold urban flavor? Please. That boy’s from Barbados. His father’s a cardiologist.” So, there’s some biographical information to add to the canon.

Countee: It was really Dan who gave the character shape and figured out what his role would be in the Greendale universe. Which is ironic to say about a character that only says one thing.

Youngblood: “Pop! Pop!” is kind of epic. It’s great that people respond so well to the character and that one catch phrase.

Countee: I’d like to say “Pop! Pop!” is our commentary on our catchphrase culture. But really, it’s just fun to say.

And that folks, is why Community is pretty much the best sitcom on television right now.

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