Stephen Fry as God in Python Drama

So BBC4 does these dramas based on true stories of entertainers, they’re not biopics per se, because they are tightly focused on one particular chapter and not a wide-angle.

Anyways, their latest drama is based on an episode from the Monty Python gang.

Airing this Autumn will be Holy Flying Circus, an account of the controversy surrounding the release of Monty Python’s Life of Brian. This being about Python, the BBC probably consider themselves free, if not actually obligated, to play around a bit.

It is to this end, I imagine, that God himself has been given a role in the film. It’s not entirely unexpected: he did make an appearance in each of the “main” Python films (not to mention Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin’s Time Bandits, which I think gives up the greatest representation of a supreme being I’ve ever seen); and the key debates, both of Life of Brian itself and the surrounding furore, were largely theological.

Thankfully, the BBC had the good sense to cast Stephen Fry in the role of God. This definitely sounds like something to keep on the radar.

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