Summer TV Preview

Right now is the lull between the end of the current television season and the start of the summer television season. Metacritic looks at 20 shows worth watching this summer.

No longer a wasteland of reruns and failed pilots, the summer television season brings a surprisingly large lineup of new and returning programs. Sure, there’s plenty of lighter fare, like the breezy dramas that populate TNT and USA, and the reality programs found on every other network. But there are also shows likeBreaking Bad and Louie that repeatedly take chances and have them pay off in the form of some of the best television you’ll find at any time of the year. This summer will also see the long-awaited return of HBO comedyCurb Your Enthusiasm, the debut of a promising new sci-fi series in Falling Skies, the final seasons of Entourage,The Closer, and Rescue Me, and the arrival of an intriguing new FX comedy, Wilfred.

Of the 20 shows they nominate as worthy of your time, I’ve narrowed it down to a handful: Breaking Bad, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Falling Skies (short leash but worth checking out initially), Jon Benjamin Has a Van, Louie, Torchwood (if you like silly sci fi), True Blood, and Wilfred.

Really, though, networks really need to reevaluate their television seasonal model. How is it that we don’t have three distinct television seasons with no reruns yet?

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