The Ambiguously Gay Duo Return After Four Year Hiatus in “The Dark Clenched Hole of Evil”

Everyone’s favorite ambiguously gay duo, Ace and Gary, returned to SNL for the first time in four years to fight some all-star studded crime. Oddly, the duo, originally voiced by Stephen Colbert and Steve Carrell, are voiced this time around by Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon. They do a splendid job for Robert Smigel and the Saturday TV Funhouse crew.

Even crazier though is that Colbert and Carrell are along for the ride as the villains, as are Ed Helms and Fred Armisen, once this thing kicks into real life. Back before the digital shorts were the only funny thing about SNL, there was Saturday TV Funhouse, which was always my favorite part of the show. [via SNL]

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