The Looney Tunes Reenvisioned as Seinfeld-esque Show

From Slate:

This month, the Cartoon Network has rehabilitated the franchise with The Looney Tunes Show (Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET), on which the sketch-length vaudevillian antics of yore give way to a half-hour sitcom. The new program owes a little to feuding-roomie shows like The Odd Couple and a lot to the dynamics of Seinfeld. In this equation, Bugs, hardly the trickster of yore, is the Jerry figure—an ironic wiseass cocking his head at an absurdist universe. An episode where he quickly falls for—and even more quickly flees—a clingy, clueless light-brown hare named Lola (voiced by Kristin Wiig) is precisely the stuff of Seinfeld’s unswinging bachelorhood.

Hewing closer to his established personality, Daffy Duck combines the spluttering narcissism and yammering schlubbery of George Costanza with the unhinged restlessness of Kramer. A sponge—one soaking with his own self-absorption—Daffy claims that he’s “just crashing [with Bugs] until I get back on my feet.” The bird and the beast share the place—not Bugs’ old furnished warren with a Joroleman mailbox at its circular entrance but a proper suburban house—with Speedy Gonzales, who passes his lazy days among the floorboards and in the fruit bowl. As voiced by Fred Armisen, the mouse’s accent and attitude are blissfully undisturbed by the dictates of political correctness.

One would suggest that the producers, settling on the sitcom structure, are implicitly complimenting the much-derided attention spans of their young viewers. On the other hand, one is uncertain about whether young viewers are whom the program is for.

Sounds interesting, but not something I’ll probably ever watch.

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