Thrusters Are Go for New Voltron Force Cartoon

It would be nice if this first trailer for the new Voltron Force cartoon didn’t give me a seizure while I tried to watch it. But such is life and perhaps my brain just isn’t wired in the same way as say, a seven-year-old’s is, which is probably the targeted audience.

Regardless, the cartoon looks good from what I can tell. The animation of Voltron and the lions looks stellar, but the characters look a bit weird. I also find it funny that this version of the cartoon is a sequel of sorts to the one I grew up with. It takes place seven years after the original cadets discovered Voltron to save the universe and features three new cadets. When reboots happen nowadays there is hardly continuity in play, so that’s worth noting.

There’s enough to make me want to give this a watch when it premieres, through a season pass on the DVR and check in with it when there is nothing else on to watch.

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