TV Promo: Sons of Anarchy Season Four Preview

FX’s motorcycle drama, Sons of Anarchy hit a homerun in season two. By season three it felt like Kurt Sutter and the gang had legged out a double and reached third on a throwing error. The third season was okay, but it wasn’t season two. The Irish subplot felt like it dragged on for too long.

It was nice to see the SOA universe open up a bit, but there was something missing by not having them navigating the ills of Charming, Calif. Sutter has acknowledged season three was problematic, so hopefully, season four — which returns on September 6 at 10 pm. — is more akin to season two.

“I think the idea always is to use those external pressures to… incubate what’s going on inside the club,” Sutter said. “When you have these dynamics set up as we set up this season — with the Russians in the premiere and then ultimately with the Mexicans — there’s all these internal conflicts going on. And then, when you add the external pressure of a new sheriff, for me, it’s always about using those external things just to torque up and create more tension” within the club.

Plus? This season has Danny Trejo in it, so double plus good.

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