Univision Gains on NBC

Everyone in NBC must be shitting themselves right now at the mere suggestion that Univision could surpass the Peacock in viewership sometime in Q2.

“Univision said that on about 50% of nights during the first quarter of 2011, it attracted more viewers ages 18 to 49 than NBC. That demographic is a crucial target audience for advertisers. Univision trails NBC by an average of 579,000 viewers a night in the adult demographic during the period measured, Dec. 27 to April 3,” reports the LA Times. “During the comparable period a year earlier, NBC had an advantage of 1.9 million viewers. But NBC’s ratings last year were fueled by its coverage of the Olympic Games in Vancouver in February 2010.”

While this is probably indicative of both NBC’s high levels of suck and the growing Latino populations more than anything, it also signals just how dead the notion of a “network” is. Why does it even matter if ABC, CBS or NBC is considered a “network” anymore. It’s like patting yourself on the back for being the best football player in 1960 — shit ain’t gonna cut in this day and age.

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