177 Episodes Of “House MD” In 7 Minutes

This is a pretty great supercut of House. The one thing that would make it better is if the supercut played out like a conventional episode of House. So, you take 177 episodes, spice them down into a supercutty generic episode that’s seven minutes long.

Because we all know that every episode of House plays out like this: Patient obtains wacky/unknown illness; patient is rushed to Princeton Medical and no one can diagnose them; House takes the case; his team misdiagnoses the patient with lupus; House nearly kills said patient; in the last five minutes House has an epiphany and saves the day.

Look at it this way, you can read my description of House and save seven minutes, of if you’ve never watched House, you can watch the above supercut and save yourself 75 hours or so (minus commercials, of course) of your life. [via buzzfeed]

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