A fifth of One Percent

“And that, folks, is how completely f***ing moronic Nielsen ratings are. The fate of one show can be determined by the television watching habits [of] 430 grandfathers who fell asleep watching a crappy procedural.” — Dustin Rowles, crunching the math of the infamous Nielson Ratings, which relies on only 25,000 households, out of approximately 115 million households in America to determine TV ratings. 

To be clear, this isn’t a problem with how Nielson runs its business, but rather on the networks and other TV channels relying on Nielson’s faulty approach to determine a show’s popularity. It’s especially jarring given that there has to be better technology to determine who’s watching what. They can’t determine precisely through cable boxes and a combination of DVRs, online viewership how many people are watching a show?

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