Aaron Sorkin’s Return to TV

The New York Times takes a peek at Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming HBO show, ‘The Newsroom’:

Whether Mr. Sorkin has correctly anticipated the mood of viewers as angry but ready to be inspired again, even he is not sure if he still knows how to write for them, particularly when he is not watching much current episodic TV.

Though he is an evangelist for the NBC comedies “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation,” he said, “I haven’t seen a lot of what’s on HBO right now, and so I don’t know if what I’m writing has anything to do with what else is on TV.”

For example, Mr. Sorkin said: “I’m about to write our season finale, and I don’t know what the expectation is for season finales. Are you supposed to write a cliffhanger? Are you not supposed to write a cliffhanger? Is that a cliché?”

Is there anyone who’s not excited about Sorkin’s return to TV?

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