‘Community’ Returns At Some Point in the Future … in Canada!

Dear NBC:

Your unfairly maligned sitcom, that is beloved by audiences far larger and respected by critics far greater than some of your other shows currently airing, which you shelved indefinitely for its fourth season, is allegedly set to return to the airwaves on November 9th. Unfortunately, for American audiences the show is airing on CityTV in Canada.

Now, to be fair, the CityTV webpage says there is no return date for ‘Community’, except tentatively for January 11, 2013. But, the executives in charge might want to consider airing the show around the same time if that isn’t already the plan. Otherwise, the ‘Community’ audience, which is very Internet Savvy, will be more than happy to torrent the show and treat the network’s desire for ratings and advertising dollars with the same disdain the network has shown to the sitcom’s loyal audience.

Sincerely Yours,

-Community’s Entire Fanbase

Update: ‘Community’ will debut on NBC in America on Thursday, February 7 at 8 p.m., according to Michael Ausiello, based on a tweet by actress Yvette Nicole-Brown.

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