‘Community’ Wants You To Keep October 19th in Your Heart

Today was supposed to be the premiere of season four of Community, but, um, yeah, about that. Not going to happen thanks to NBC’s decision to shelve the sitcom until early 2013.

The cast got together to film a humorous promo essentially sticking their middle fingers in the air towards NBC for that decision and it comes chalk full of great jokes at the expense of the network. Plus, there’s an Annie’s boobs reference.

According to our friends over at Uproxx, it was actress Gillian Jacobs (Britta) who pushed to make this happen. Sure, it would be better if this wasn’t an official NBC promo for the show, which means NBC had to sign off on it, but whatevs, this is a really well-done promo and bone to throw to the fans.

*Sigh* Let’s all keep October 19th in our hearts.

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