Four Things on the Future of Television

These all seem somewhat related.

1. DirecTV chairman Michael White said “it’s hard to see [AppleTV] obsoleting our technology.” The problem with this belief, is Apple basically obsoleted the last three markets they entered: Mp3 player, mobile phone, and tablet computers. Why should anyone think TV would be different?

2. Alex Micek offers five thoughts on television, all of which is quite illuminating.

3. You should be worried about this exchange by The Verge’s Joshua Topolsky and Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel.

What Ari seems to forget, and what maybe politicians and the film and TV industry seem to forget is the last time piracy was a flashpoint between the entertainment and tech industries, the problem was not solved by sledgehammer legislation. Or takedowns. Or yelling. It was solved by the music industry accepting that their old model was broken, and technologists figuring out a new way to do business. And that gets to the core of this problem for Ari. We didn’t go back to the way things were after the RIAA sued college students — the industry changed.

He doesn’t want to change his business model, and he will do anything he can to protect it — including altering the basic functionality of the internet.

4. Henry Blodget examines the recent television trends and concludes: “Remember what happened in the newspaper business. When the Internet arrived, user behavior started to change. It took a decade for this change in behavior to hit the business. But when it hit the business, it hit it hard–and it destroyed it shockingly quickly. And the same thing seems likely to happen to the TV business.”

Blodget’s summation of the business trends is worth reading for those that don’t obsessively follow television futurism and it’s also worth reading the counter-point by Dan Frommer that it won’t collapse anytime soon because companies have too much invested in the current model.

(Bonus: Now that Game of Thrones has ended and Mad Men is about to conclude, the summer tv season is mostly reality shit. But, fear not! The Atlantic has a quick preview of summer shows worth watching.)

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