‘Happy Endings’ Cast Delivers Hilarious Live Show

If you’re a fan of ABC’s ‘Happy Endings’, which returns tonight for its season three premiere (spoiler: it’s hilarious), you’ll want to bookmark this video of them doing a live show at UCB Theatre in Los Angeles to watch when you have a free hour. The stellar cast, along with a bunch of the Happy Endings writers, Kat Dennings, and Fred Savage, were on hand.

The entire hour is pretty funny, but you’ll want to stick around to see Eliza Coupe, who plays Jane, do her impression of Claire Danes as Temple Grandin as Carrie Mathison, which, as Uproxx points out, “is something I didn’t know I needed in my life, and now I’ll never stop thinking about it. Cry face of joy.”

Bonus: Claire Danes cry face of joy supercut!

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