Kalinda’s Nick Problem

What say you fans of CBS’ The Good Wife — is this year’s plot with Kalinda’s estranged husband Nick to blame?

This terrible unresolved relationship could explain Kalinda’s cold, unforthcoming nature. She wants to move on, but something—residual feelings, a desire to keep a dangerous man out of her friends’ and lovers’ lives—still connects her to Nick. The problem is that the interactions between Kalinda and Nick are dead ends that feel completely out of sync with the rest of the show. The Good Wife is already overstuffed with characters and plot points; there simply isn’t time to devote five minutes per episode to an irrelevant story line, even if it involves a beloved character. And what she’s doing makes no dramatic sense: During Episode 2, I tweeted that Warren’s presence was having a negative affect on Kalinda’s accent (Panjabi is also British), to which Salon’s Willa Paskin replied, “AND ALSO HER BEHAVING LIKE ANY REAL HUMAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD.”

Worst of all, the Kalinda-Nick sex is kind of gross. I’m all for shame-free explorations of sexuality, but, in addition to setting up two doms in this Fifty Shades of Meh storyline, their scenes haven’t been fun to watch.

I actually completely agree with this. Whomever is responsible for taking one of television’s most interesting characters and neutering them should be fired. Terrible, terrible plot line so far. Now, if there’s a payoff, then I’ll eat some crow, but for now, the Kalinda-Nick plot is awful.

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