Not Cool Cool Cool: Dan Harmon Fired from ‘Community’

Sony Pictures Television, which produces Community, announced that they are replacing Dan Harmon as the showrunner with David Guarascio and Moses Port. At the very least that duo most recently worked on ABC’s Happy Endings, which is really funny.

Still, Harmon has confirmed he was fired. It makes me wonder if fans of Community got more than we bargained for. Sure, we’re all about #SixSeasonsandaMovie, but do we really want to watch the sitcom wither on the unfunny normal vine for two more seasons?

Hopefully, Guarascio and Port can bring the off-the-wall aburdism that Harmon brought to his show. We’ll keep an open mind, but what makes Community so great is how unpredictable it is, how much the show’s genius is tied into Harmon’s unique voice and storytelling sensibility, all rooted in a regular sitcom about a family of six strangers that don’t always get along, but definitely all love each other.

So, yeah, Community will be back for a fourth season, but I can’t imagine the sitcom without Dan Harmon.

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