Paul Feig Revisits Freaks and Geeks

The AV Club asks Paul Feig, creator of the short-lived cult television classic Freaks & Geeks, to discuss all 18 episodes of the show.

I was in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, the first stop, and I was in this sad hotel going, “I’ve got to start writing this.” I took a walk, and saw as I was walking around—it was pretty desolate—this group of surly-looking high-school girls walking and smoking. I was watching, and there was this one girl in the pack. I remember she looked back—she didn’t look at me, but she kind of looked away. I just saw her face, and she looked like this sweet poser that was with the group. I remember going, “Wow, that.” Because I had never had a sister. I was an only child. So I knew I wanted to write about myself and my nerdy friends, but I knew I needed to represent the freak group. So when I saw her, I was like, “Oh, I like that character. I like the idea of this girl who looks like she’s trying to fit in that way.” That’s where Lindsay came from. All the other characters are based, pretty loosely, on people I knew, at least in the writing.

BTW: It’s been 12 years since the show was cancelled. Ruminate on that for a moment.

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