Save Steve Holt!

Everybody is excited that Arrested Development is coming back for another season and a movie. It’ll be great to have all the Bluths back in our lives. Unfortunately, one member hasn’t been so lucky on the reunion front — the illegitimate son of George Oscar Bluth Jr. and four-time student body president, Steve Holt!

Time has more:

As with many online movements, the impetus to get Steve Holt! back on television started on Reddit. Amid the clamor for the show’s fourth season, the online community’s Arrested Development sub-group noticed that Justin Grant Wade, the actor who played Steve Holt, had not been contacted about the reprisal. While Wade played a minor character on Arrested Development, in a show awash in A-listers spouting catchphrases and one-liners, Steve Holt, the impressively well-meaning yet knuckleheaded high school jock, managed to stand out and develop a fanbase of his own. So it’s no surprise that his absence in the media blitz was noticed.

Helpful fans took a page out of Steve Holt’s student government run and started an online campaign to bring back everyone’s favorite walking catchphrase. There’s a Save Steve Holt websiteblogFacebook page, and Twitter account where the campaign is gaining some traction with the hashtag #savesteveholt. Need a few more facts about your candidate? You can watch an interview with Wade here. Otherwise, get to hashtagging or just walking around shouting Steve Holt!

There’s something wonderful about this. Steve Holt couldn’t have appeared in more than a few episodes and really didn’t say much beyond shouting “Steve Holt!” while thrusting his arms in the air, but it’s one of the smaller details that made Arrested Development so great.

Hopefully, he gets brought back in for the movie or an episode for a smallish role. This is much more important than Kony 2012.

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