The Short Films of Louis CK

Did you know that, prior to creating the beloved Louie, comedian Louis C.K. made more than a dozen short films? They serve as sort of a precursor to his show.

In the 80s and 90s, Louis C.K. made a series of short films that he credits with preparing him for the heavy workload he’s taken on for Louie. Using his friends from the New York comedy scene, like Amy Poehler, JB Smoove, Robert Smigel, and Todd Barry, as actors, C.K. created a series of short films, some of them reminiscent of the work of his role model Woody Allen and surreal French new wave filmmakers. Decades before the dawn of YouTube, C.K. was shooting his own little movies on 16mm film with full film crews — basically putting himself through his own self-directed film school — with only festivals and honing his craft as the goals. His short films may not be as riotously funny as Louie or his stand-up, but they have their own off-beat charm and they’re a revealing look at Louis C.K.’s talents as a filmmaker at their earliest stage.

Above is CK’s spoof on Bill Cosby’s Kids Say the Darndest Things. 

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