The Story of Breaking Bad as Told by its Opening Scenes

If you strip away a show of everything but its opening scenes, would the show still be the same show? That’s what Indie Wire’s Press Play blog set out to discover with AMC’s seminal crime show, Breaking Bad. An editor strung together all the opening scenes over four seasons and then played them for a movie critic 100% unfamiliar with the show. As it turns out, even with just the opening scenes, the critic got the basic gist of Breaking Bad.

“First we have gas mask man, who is a chemistry teacher, on medical leave due to his fight with cancer. It is clear that he is living a double life,” writes Sheila O’Malley. “His wife, Skyler, appears to have no idea that he is also a Drug Lord running a meth lab out of a battered RV.” She goes on to say the show is devoted to showing us how Walter White got to such a desperate point in his life.

I think season four of Breaking Bad has joined the pantheon of historically great seasons of television.

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