Trailer: ‘Fringe’ Season Five

This one dropped at Comic Con and I acknowledge that few people have stuck with the show. However, if you’re a fan of science fiction you should definitely make the effort to catch up. Fringe has managed to do what so few shows have and that’s embrace it’s weirdness and dive into the rabbit hole. By not caring about playing to a wide audience, the show has creatively thrived in a way that few shows do.

I also love that the fifth season is going to be its last. More shows should call it quits, by hook or crook, after five seasons. For those that have stuck with the show, this trailer indicates season five will take place entirely in the Observer-controlled future, as seen in season 4’s flash-forward episode with Desmond.

I really have no idea if the show is going to pull as its different threads together into a coherent and satisfying ending, but it’s going to be damn fun to watch them try.

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