Trailer: ‘Girls’ Season Two

HBO’s ‘Girls‘ grew on me in an unexpected way. It was hard to watch the show disconnected from the surrounding hype and initial bullshit chamber — to take it on its own merits. I’m glad I stuck with it, because over the course of the first season it grew on me in unexpectedly delightful ways.

Yes, sometimes the show cuts too close to the bone and yes, Lena Dunham’s character can be a fairly awful human being (as is her friends) but it also was darkly funny, entertaining, and filled with characters that felt like actual humans, such as Hannah’s boyfriend Adam — faults and all. By the end of the first season, it was a show I held near and dear in my heart hoping others would appreciate it as much as I did. I’m not sure that’s the case and may never be.

Regardless, I’m really looking forward to the second season starting on Jan. 13.

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