Troy and Abed on a Cooooooaster!

An enterprising Redditor took some Community fan art illustrations (you’ll notice the middle coasters belong to Jon DeFreest) and turned them into coasters for her friend.

If you’re interested in a set, contact Maryamh, who will kindly make a set for the cost of materials and shipping because she doesn’t feel right about profiting off of other’s work.

She says, “Each coaster is 79 cents. The picture is about 10 cents. The glue I have heaps of so I don’t need to buy more unless heaps and heaps of people ask me for coasters. I live in Australia. Postage might be about $5 within aust, maybe $10 internationally.”

Even with shipping that’s less than $20, or you could just make them on your own. Either way.

Nicely done!

[via reddit]

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