Big Cable’s Anti-Competitive Behavior

Why haven’t you been able to 100% cut the cable cord and rely solely on internet to deliver your TV entertainment? The answer should be obvious.

Bloomberg reported Wednesday that Time Warner Cable has been using its negotiating muscles to keep TV networks from licensing content to Apple and others. An industry insider who declined to be named confirmed this account in a conversation with GigaOM, saying that the company has been aggressively pushing for these kinds of clauses in its recent contract negotiations.

At the center of the dispute are so-called virtual cable operators — companies that operate pay TV services without having any physical infrastructure of their own. Instead of using their own satellites, cables or phone networks to get TV signals to the consumers, virtual operators would simply stream their programming over the internet.

This is a story as old as time itself. Rather than adapt to the times and use technology to its advantage, big companies would rather obfuscate progress by any means necessary.

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